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Juice Plus Fibre
Nutra/Balance Fibre Cookies
Nutra/Shake 2.0
Egg/Pro Powder
· Instant Thickener
· Fortified Thickener
Thik & Clear
Thickened Coffee & Tea
Thickened Products
· Thickened Juices
· Thickened Nutra/Shake
· Thickened Water
· E-Z Thik Powder
· Pudding
· No Added Sugar Pudding
· Ice Cream
Protein Fortified Cookies
· NUTRA/Shake Supreme
· NUTRA/Shake Sucrose Free
· NUTRA/Shake Plus Fibre
· NUTRA/Shake Fruit Plus
· NUTRA/Shake Fruit Plus Free
· Egg/Pro Frozen
· Lacta/Care
Fortified Orange Juice

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Nutra/Balance Products is the original developer
and owner of the Nutra/Balance product line.
We continue to manufacture and market the
complete line of Nutra/Balance Products
as we have done for 15 years.

Great-tasting, high-calorie shakes; delicious,
all-natural juices and juice cocktails; protein
and fibre fortified cookies and other fortified
supplements; as well as a complete line of
pre-thickened drinks plus food and beverage
thickeners to help people with swallowing
problems stay well-nourished and avoid
dehydration ...

Our products are all natural, great tasting
and physician recommended.

Now Available

Nutra/shake supreme
with pro-botics

Juice Plus Fiber on Today Show

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